Course program overview

B-courses:  7 days with 5 days creativity program (ca 28 Stunden)
courses take place on request the whole year round 

B1: Body and soul -give your soul a treat
B2: Production of colours pigments from flowers, fruits and soil                         
B3: Intuitive painting                                                                         
B4: colour compositions inspired by Gozo/Island impressions in Acryl      
B5: creative walks  - art from nature                                     
B6: sculpture of my soul                                                                     
B7: MUR mindful upcycling retreat                                                          
B8: breakage of blokades
B10: art and wellness - becoming one with the elements
B11: print, press and express your inpressions 

B12: Wild herbs, flowers and fruits - cooking and art from nature
B13: Printing on acry plate                                                              

C-courses: spezial courses:
which take only on specific dates place:

C1:Family Prickly Pear and the adventure: Gozo                                                     

C2: Connect2Sicily       Sep 19

for detailed information please contact me

C3: Kunst und Begegung a Swissprojekt  07. - 14.June 2019                                                             

C4: Christmas stress? No Thanks! - angels give wings          3rd Dec - including 7th Dec                

D1: silversmithing (creation of one pice of silver jewellery) ceramic and paitning workshop per hour             
D2: open workshop (use of studio and tools)                              

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