B6 wild herbs and Art


Experience yourself and Gozo in a holistic way!

This course involves hiking and collecting of wild herbs, fruits and flowers. We will transformed nature into food and art. Likewise, in one day the power of nature will significantly support our physical well-being by using collected natural products from Gozo for massage, peeling and face mask.

This course takes place in small groups of min. 1 - max. 6 people and is held (depending on the weather) at different locations.

Course duration: 25 hours

Course dates: bookable on request from October to the end of May

Price: €650


“HERBS AND ART” 10.00-15.00

Herb hike to Hermi's dreamland.

Collecting edible herbs and fruits, roots and natural objects for the impression in our ceramics

Make incense bowl and burner out of clay.

Cook and enjoy lunch: Write down the recipe:

Arugula salad with Darniella melitensis (Maltese Salt Tree) and sweet Alyssum Lobularia maritima (Sweet Silverwort)

Potato soup with various herbs (thyme & marjoram)

Yoghurt with Hawthorns (hawthorns)

Making the Obvara Mixture


Gozo Round Tour by Car: Salt Pans, Wied Milah, Clay Slopes

Cook and enjoy lunch:

Nasturtium/Orange Salad (Nasturtium)

Polenta with wild thyme mix

Prickly pear (autumn) or Naspla (spring) with fruit sauce

Paint the cookbook cover with “one line”.

Collecting clay for the next day's scrub

Land art with natural materials on the beach

 “HEALTH & BEAUTY DAY 10.00-14.30

Venue: Hermi's Dreamland

Venue: Hermi's Dreamland

Beauty stations at the field

Hike to Hermi's dreamland and collect wild herbs

relaxation with:

singing bowl

Indian head massage

Foot bath with sage, mint and thyme and salt

Prepare and cook lunch of wild herbs


Pasta with glass cabbage

Yoghurt with pomegranate (autumn), fried elderflowers and rose geranium (spring) with almond crunch

Polishing clay bowl and burner with semi-precious stone

“ART AND FIRE” 17.00-21.00

Venue: Hermi's Dreamland

Glazing and firing the incense bowl and root sculpture

Prepare and cook beans and herb sausages

Hot dog with bean sausage

Carob cream with mint

Burning of the incense bowl and the sculpture pieces with dinner

 “CAVE HIKE with herbal incense” 10.00-14.30

“CAVE HIKE with herbal incense”

Walk with incense

Review: thanks and preview: wish incenses with the collected wild herbs

Paint the cookbook folder with colors from nature.

Prepare and cook lunch of wild herbs

Herbs fried in beer batter

Wild spinach (beet leaves) with bean sausage


Completion of the natural sculpture and the cookbook folder