TrinitArt -"Broken Life"
a book - etchings - sculptures

The book and comblimenting artwork developed and grew
while encountering a number of women whose life had been
shattered and broken into pieces.
Illnesses, death and separation have caused a lot of pain
in their life and had shattered them into pieces.
Listening to their stories, my thoughts created
words and their visualization through copper etchings and ceramic sculptures.
We all go through painful stages in life and
therefore I would like to dedicate this book to difficult
times of our lives and hope that these words
and etchings help and give us strength to put life
together again.
The female nudes in my sketches and etchings symbolize
and should remind one of the vulnerability, sensibility
and sensitivity of human beings and emphasize
the pain we can feel.

Life is the balance between “ups” and “downs" and only if we can see the sense in "downs" it leads to "ups"

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